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Selig continues poor punishment record

Given the events of last nights altercation between the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves, I would have expected some kind of punishment to be handled down, but once again the kids are running the house with no guidelines to controlling the household.

First and foremost, I will state that I agree with the Gomez suspension for 1 game. You can not jaw with everybody around the base paths and not expect something to occur. I also agree with the suspension of Reed Johnson, though I like how he then hid behind his coach after getting his shots.

Like one of my previous posts , how does McCann not get anything out of this, just like Matt Kemp earlier this year? How can not punish the secondary and third party offenders who commit equal or greater offenses than the people caused the initial starters. McCann ignited the fight, yet he gets nothing. This can no longer occur now or with the new commissioner in a couple of years.

You can not have these major brawls night after night in baseball. People might say that it is going to occur over a 162 game season with 30 teams, but honestly how is it even remotely acceptable in baseball, but in any other job where you work 3 times the hours a night for double the number of nights a year? If you start a fight at a normal job, you are out of a job, but in baseball you might not even get a fine.

This needs to change now, any person who does joins a fight should get ejected and suspended for future games. Period!

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Selig disappoints with suspensions again!

If I started to say… Did anybody see that thing that fight late last week? You know the one that started with two guys but then everybody joined?

Would you not assume that I was talking about some incident that occur outside some bar or tavern? Well you would be wrong, I’m talking about the fight that occurred on April 11th between the Dodgers and Padres in which Zack Greinke was left with a broken collarbone.

What does Carlos Quentin get out of the whole ordeal? A very unjustly 8 games. What does Matt Kemp get? Nothing! While I don’t think the suspension should be tied to when Greinke time on the DL, the suspension should have been longer and sent a clear message. As for Kemp, I guess you can go off on a ‘Roid rage jumping on top of people swinging wildly, start a second fight plus cause trouble in the parking lot and you get no discipline.

Once again MLB front office lets another set of players off the hook, Bud Selig is letting the kids run the school and the discipline is non-existent. This suspension will have done nothing to prevent future incidents like it from occurring in baseball. Selig has had numerous opportunities to address the issues of bench clearing brawls in baseball, but he sits idle like he can do nothing about the issue.

The thing is, Bud Selig can do something about it, he can make a statement that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in the game of baseball. He needs to enact rules that eject & suspend any players who joins the fight outside for the initial players that started fighting. Rules like these exist already today in Soccer, Basketball and Hockey.

People might say that fighting and bench clearing brawls have been apart of the game since the start of time, but does not really make it acceptable? Should we not be progressing the game into the future and modernizing the rules of the game? I think this is the reason that Selig has not changed the rules, he is still stuck in this 1960’s fantasy version of the game of baseball.

Bud Must Go! The game of baseball is counting on it, I know I have written about my disapproval of Selig before and this incident should further prove that Bud has no place anymore in baseball. It is time for change, time for new ideas, its time for a new commissioner.


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