MLB Predictions

It is that time of the season again when people are just ready for baseball which means I will make some pre-season predictions.


  • AL East
    1. Yankees
    2. Rays
    3. Red Sox
    4. Orioles
    5. Blue Jays
  • AL Central
    1. Royals
    2. Indians
    3. Tigers
    4. White Sox
    5. Twins
  • AL West
    1. Angles
    2. Rangers
    3. Mariners
    4. Athletics
    5. Astros
  • Wild Card
    • Rays and Red Sox
  • NL East
    1. Braves
    2. Phillies
    3. Nationals
    4. Mets
    5. Marlins
  • NL Central
    1. Pirates
    2. Brewers
    3. Cardinals
    4. Reds
    5. Cubs
  • NL West
    1. Giants
    2. Dodgers
    3. Diamondbacks
    4. Padres
    5. Rockies
  • Wild Card
    • Dodgers and Phillies

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Thoughts for the week

It has been a while since I have published a meaningful post so here is goes. This week I would just like to do a couple of quick hitters thoughts.

  • A big win for the Badgers on Sunday over Michigan State. A couple of things I noticed with the victory.
    • Traevon Jackson did come up with the big shot, but did do plenty along the way to shoot the team in the foot. When Traevon does not think about the shot is when he comes through.
    • Sam Decker comes out with another below average game. He was only 3-8 from the field with all 3 pointers along with 2 free throws. Decker, who claims that he was going to be more aggressive inside took only 3 shots inside. It appears that Decker let the NBA 1st round pick status go to his head.
    • Bo Ryan has shown that he is unable to learn from his past mistake and truly understand how good coaches play certain situations. The other night Bo did not understand that in a last shot situation with under ten seconds. You should get the ball in the front court and either take the shot or make one quick pass and then shot. Traevon hesitates and the game is lost. Tom Izzo being down 3 at the end of the game, inbounds the ball, makes one quick pass and buries the three. Only the three ball hurts you, but yet he seemed not ready to cover it.
    • Bo Ryan as has the trend to put the final play in the hands of the point guard. This is generally countered by the double team, but this did not occur Sunday. Any team that plays the Badgers should understand this and exploit it in the future.
  • I have been doing a lot Olympic watching and have noticed a couple of things.
    • NBC has to be thanking the television gods for the location of this Olympics and the location in 2018. This time difference between Russia and the United States allows NBC to cut the broadcast/sport down and insert as many additional commercials. There should be no reason that NBC loses money this year. I think that is why some people do not watch, or do not watch as much as they should.
  • On the lighter side of news, I was crowed 1st division champion on Saturday on on the football side.
  • I see that the Brewers are having another go around with K-Rod, any guesses to who will he be traded to?
  • Flappy Birds is a really addictive gam.

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House of Cards coming soon!

To go a little off topic than the usual sports…. Only 7 more days until House of Cards!

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Let the 24/7 Football Continue…

With another season in the books for the NFL, this will lead tomorrow into the non-stop over-analysis for the 2014 season. What I expect starting tomorrow:

  • Power Ranking every team 1 to 32 for 2014 (if you watch ESPN, it will be in the exact same record finishing order for 2013)
  • Power Ranking Top 10 for every position including a special ranking for free agents
  • Top 10 ranking of every draft position
  • Breakdown of the strengths of each player including how one offensive linemen is better than another because his range of motion is 0.01% better. Each breakdown will finish with the comment that this guy is the best person and will play in NFL for many years for all 200+ picks
  • Breakdown of every Quarterback including how one QB is better than another because his arm slot is 3/8th of an inch higher than another.
  • Projected post draft power ranking
  • The projected teams that Tim Tebow will play for

This is the problem with the NFL today is that there is no “off season” on television, what makes it look like one season goes into another. I don’t feel like I miss football like Baseball, Hockey, Basketball.

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TJMG: Traevon Jackson must go!

The reoccurring theme during this post will be about, after another loss this time to Ohio State, how Wisconsin point guard Traevon Jackson is the reason for the recent Wisconsin struggles on both ends of the floor.

In addition to his recent flub up on the final shot against Ohio State, the Wisconsin offense seems to go or no go based on the fact if Traevon Jackson is on the floor. Whenever Bronson Koenig, take over, the offense seems to take over. For example in the first half when Bronson came into the game, the Badgers, there was a six minute stretch where we were able to move the ball freely inside and outside, but for the final five minutes, when Jackson when back into the game, we went on one of our patiented loooooong field goal droughts that have plagued us the last two seasons.

This is due to Traevon Jackson inability to move the ball or run the offense. Traevon is unable to direct people to move the ball around and run a play. Traevon is only capable of doing a couple of unnecessary cross leg dribbles with a covered shot. This leads to many misses and lower shooting percentage from a position that should be solid. Along with today’s game, Traevon is shooting 27%…. 27%.

Treavon Jackson is not a point guard, per 40 minutes, Treavon averages 3 turnovers which by and far leads the team and something that should not be allowed out of your point guard. This is almost a full turnover more per 40 minutes that Jordon Taylor while playing less minutes than Taylor did. This is an area that should be improving but has not.

While most of this is on Treavon Jackson, a small part of this is on Bo Ryan for not noticing this issue and making the needed changes and allowing Bronson to play more minutes. Bo should know that Jackson was going to be incapable of running the final play.

It is time to send Traevon packing, if he wants to play the dribble through 3 defenders every play, then maybe he should transfer to UW-Superior where they like to do that kind of stuff… or maybe transfer to Ohio State, that way we might have a chance when he is cleared to play.

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Brewers 2014 Lineup

Another Milwaukee Brewers season on the horizon and with that, I will put together to my predictions for the 25 man patchwork lineup from Doug Melvin.

Starters in Bold

Catcher: Lucroy, Maldonado
Firstbase: Reynolds. Overbay
Secondbase: Gennett
Shortstop: Segura
Thirdbase: Ramirez, Bianchi
Outfield: Khris Davis, Gomez, Braun, Schafer, Gindel

Starting Pitchers:

Relief Pitchers:
Starting Lineup

  1. Gomez
  2. Segura
  3. Braun
  4. Rameriz
  5. Lucroy
  6. Reynolds
  7. Davis
  8. Gennett
  9. Starting Pitcher

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When the Pro Bowl could not be any less interesting

Lets call this blogging… Part 3. After another Siesta from writing on my thoughts, I will give it another try to write on this blog, this time I will blog a little less consistently so that I don’t become so discouraged.

The topic this evening… The NFL Pro Bowl.  It is another week before the Super Bowl which means another meaningless game before the Super Bowl, they call it the “Pro Bowl”, but it is anything but a Pro Bowl. What we have is a game that few top tier players care about with too much to lose that do not want to play in a game that is treated as a joke, there is no incentive too play in the game or in the case of the players too play 100%. I will admit that this season the players did seem to give a better effort and the play itself was somewhere between High School and College – Division 2.

The Pro Bowl is a game that has been muscled out by is own league.  There is football on TV every day for 365 days a year, so another game is no big deal for football fans. The Pro Bowl use to be the last time we would get any football until the Draft in April and Training Camp in August, now the day after the Super Bowl, every network is breaking down teams for next year. Along with every game and every player being analyze from top to bottom, there is no need to see what makes the best players the best.

We do not get to see the best players anymore because most players get paid above normal common blue collar people. The “Pro Bowl” players can go to Hawaii on their own dime and they do not have to put on a show for Commander and Chief Roger Goodell. Back in the day of lower salaries, players would appreciate some paid time in Hawaii since the players generally could not go on their own.

The draft this year was a joke, there was no reason or thought process to extending that over two days. I also thought that the draft would have been better if it would have been a real draft instead of by position.

The problem I’m having watching this years game is I’m unable to identify with the teams this year. While my disinterest in the game was waning in the last decade, this year the bottom fell out for me, who am I suppose to cheer for? Why do care about either team? How does this game relate to me? None of these question are answered with the format of this years game. For me you need to give me a reason to watch, maybe some kind of contest tie-in with the game with a drawing after the game, that might get me to watch for the right price or prize.

The rules for me have always been a joke for me since I have been watching, but that was always going and is the reason that this game is not watched or played like it should be. If this game was played with full rules along with a bonus or incentive for the participating players to fully… participate, the game would be played to its full potential. The rules for this years game have been especially annoying, 4 two minute warnings, switching ends after each quarter, no kickoffs, etc. This more and more sounds like the Roder Goodell experimental rules game.

It is time to end this game and give it a proper send off, the purpose of this game in the end was the ability to see players play each week that you could not see normally. This era of football of 24/7 football takes away that need for this game. Lets one and for all make this years game the series finale for this one great game and allow this game to end with dignity instead of a dong

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