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Bruce Pearl on ESPN?

Just a short thought today, I was watching Women’s Tournament coverage and who did I see pop on the TV? Bruce Pearl. It appear that in the US we have a double standard when it comes to not following the rules.

Bruce was suspended and hit the the “Show Cause” clause attached to his name which is equivalent to fraud in the criminal world. In the criminal world, you get prison time for fraud (AKA cheating), but in the NCAA world, you just get a job at ESPN (and he is probably making more money).

It is truly sad that no matter what Pearl does short of a felony, someone is gong to pay him and he is going to have a job.

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NHL start of season predictions

Another NHL season is upon us after the lockout and I wanted to take the time to make some predictions. In this day, it is easy to pick the Kings the “cliché” pick, but it seems to never work out that way. As long as I can remember, I see other networks (like ESPN) pick the previous years champion to repeat no matter the sport with the assumption that the current players will play to their current level and no new players will emerge. That is easy to do with no need to do their homework, but I digress

My predictions as follows:

Playoff Teams:

  • Eastern Conference
    • Atlantic
      • Philadelphia
      • NY Rangers
      • Pittsburgh
    • Northeast
      • Boston
      • Toronto
    • Southeast
      • Tampa Bay
      • Carolina
      • Washington
  • Western Conference
    • Central 
      • Chicago
      • Detroit
      • Nashville
    • Northwest
      • Vancouver
      • Minnesota
      • Calgary
    • Pacific
      • San Jose
      • Los Angeles

Finals Prediction:

Minnesota defeats Philadelphia four games to two.

That’s right, I picked Minnesota to win it all, but I think there might a future post called at the end of the season “I got all the picks wrong”

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Other Blogs I read

I thought I would take today’s entry and talk about some of the blogs or forums that I like to read/watch. Now a lot of them are Wisconsin-centric, but if your from Wisconsin they should be.

  • Rattler Radio ( This blog is one of my personal favorites to read. This blog is maintained by Chris Mehring who is a great radio announcer for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Class A of the Milwaukee Brewers). This blog is just not about a current promotion of the team or a recent event. This blog is everything about the Timber Rattlers past, present and future. Chris provides good commentary about the team each day during the season including spring training and in the off season providing a look back from the previous years in baseball in Appleton. I hope to be writing some posts about Chris and the Timber Rattlers next season
  • ( This blog provides a great place to find out all Brewer information from the Brewers and the minor league teams. This forum does not “doll” up the information. Some of the information on the rest of the site can be outdated, but the forum is kept pretty much up to date and is a good read.
  • Ben’s Biz Blog ( In this blog, this guy goes traveling around to other minor league stadiums. I like this blog since this person not only writes about his experiences at the game, but the journey to get to the game. The places he stopped at while traveling, sites he saw, the places he ate along with the operations of the minor league club. This blog is the complete minor league journey in one spot.
  • NFC North Blog ( If you are working for ESPN, you should be good, but that is not the point with this blog. Kevin Seifert does a good job covering all that is the NFC North. He provides good content about the games going on Sunday along with reporting during the week.
  • Close Call Sports (Formally Umpire Ejection League, I started following this site when they use to only cover MLB umpire ejections, but has expanded to other sports including technical fouls in the NBA. They provide a good in site for each MLB ejection and takes a closer look in season at the MLB rules.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and all a good night.

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December 21

Today is the “supposed” end the world according to the Myan’s, but yet I’m still here. Oh darn, I guess I need to go to work.

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Snow, Snow and more snow today

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More Conference Realignment, has everybody gone crazy?

I just recently posted about conference realignment here, but it appears that we are not done yet. Now the Non-FBS football school of the Big East have a problem with the current alignment of the teams in the conference, so what do you do? Start a new conference. A new conference with new teams and knowing with how things are going, the seven breakaway teams will probably accept inventions to other conferences and additional teams will need to be found for the breakaway seven.

Has everybody gone crazy? Yes. Is there a way to end the craziness? Yes. Do I think that anybody will do anything about conference realignment? No. It’s time to do something about all this conference realignment, the straw that broke the camels back for me was when TCU left the Big East conference before even leaving the conference they were in currently.

There is so much moving so fast, people are going to lose focus and just give up watching. NASCAR went through a similar kind of issue back in the early 2000’s and still occurs today. Up and through the early 2000’s, drivers and teams were easily identifiable year after year. You knew that Rusty Wallace always drove the #2 Miller Genuine Draft//Miller Lite car, Terry Labonte drove the #5 Kellogg’s car, Ricky Rudd drove the #10 Tide car. I could go on forever, but the point is, that drivers, teams and sponsors were changing even if the car was successful. This made NASCAR confusing, at least for me, to follow since there was little to no consistency. This is one of many reasons that I barley watch NASCAR now.

The college conferences are going the route of NASCAR, people can not identify with their conference, the teams have no chance to build up rivalry, when conference games are played, they are just another game. The conference names do not even identify with the teams that are in them, Boise State will play in the Big East?

My solution, a sort of draft like thing needs to occur. Just have a draft of all the Division 1 teams and agree not to move for five years. Then, set a ceiling on the number teams in a conference so that the Big 10 does not turn back into the Big 14 as it will now. Another idea would be to break all the Division 1 schools into regions, then you will not have Boise State playing East coast teams in conference.

Whatever the solution is, someone needs to stabilize the ship in conference realignment before the fans start tuning out.

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Amazing Race: Did Josh and Brent deserve to win?

I’m going to deviate from my usual posting that deal with sports related thoughts and talk about the Amazing Race finally that occur Sunday. Josh/Brent, Goat Farmers from New York won the million dollar prize for finishing first ahead of the Chippendale’s and Trey/Lexi.

Many people are already asking if they deserved to win since they had not won any legs prior to the final and spent most of the race in the back of the pack. My answer is yes, they are deserving winners…. They came in first in the final leg, that makes them deserving winners. It does not matter how you get there as long as you play by the rules.

This is no different than in NASCAR when a driver wins on the final lap without leading any other laps? Do you hear the announcer say “He really did not win since he only led the last lap. In football, if the other team scores with no time left and that was the only time they led, do they not deserve to win? It does not matter how you got there, just that you got there. Josh and Brent did what they needed to do to win the race and that is all.

Someone said once “When you see a bear, you do not need to the be the fastest person, you just need to outrun the slowest person”. Josh and Brent employed this motto on the race, a technique that rarely works. I said rarely works, not never works. They were able to come in second to last six times (if I did my math correct) in the race.

If the Chippendale’s or Trey/Lexi would have won, people would have said they wanted someone other than Mactor’s (Model-Actors) winning the race. Two normal people won the race and people are all up in arms, I get the feeling that people want nobody to the win the race, that way there are no complains.

I have watched all 21 seasons of the Amazing Race and I think what separates the teams that win the race now verses the teams that won in the early seasons where the number of countries visited, number of days spent in one country, number of tasks and the number of miles traveled. Teams in the early seasons had to do more to win and I think people can not get over the fact that teams do less to win the top prize. People also got a warped sense of what real teams were when more stars were added to the show starting with Rob and Amber in Season 7. Prior to that season, all the teams were normal people like Josh and Brent, back then people did not complain a peep.

The glory days have pasted for the Amazing Race, the reality show era in prime time television is just about over. Television stations are not doling out as  much to reality shows as when the Amazing Race first started, but the Amazing Race has survived in the Sunday night slot. We now spend more days in large countries to account for that, but the Amazing Race has some years left and I look forward to watching them all. This show needs more Josh/Brent type of players, the normal common person, that is how the show got started and that is who they should rely on for the future seasons.

Josh/Brent…. Deserving winners?  In my mind…. YES! They came in first, they deserved the million.

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Mike Eaves and the no change offense

Today I would like to talk about another sore spot with Badgers athletics… The men’s hockey program in particular Mike Eaves who was hired back in 2002. Now I understand that this guy who a National Championship back in 2005, but these were with players that were recruited or who could have had previous contact with Jeff Sauer.

This years struggles is of no surprise to me as Eaves has not changed the offensive scheme since being hired as the Badgers head coach. No team is surprised by the style the Badgers play and it has become easier and easier to beat the Badgers. We are not longer competitive against North Dakota, Colorado College, or Denver, we can’t even beat Northern Michigan.

The power play strategy is laughable and makes you want to change the channel. In any given power play, you can expect a minute thirty of the two minutes spent trying to move the puck into the offensive zone by dumping the puck along the board only to have the penalty killing team just flip the puck back out. We only get one, maybe two chances to score and it has to change. Based on how the rest of the offense works, I call this the “Mike Eaves and the no change offense” for the past couple of years.

Now I understand that coaches can not win all the time, but if the other team knows how you will play them, you can never win. If Eaves can not change it up and start winning he will join Bielema on my coaches to go list.

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NCAA to step up on violations, Ya Right

There is once news story that occurred back in October that I want to circle back to. The NCAA announced they were increasing the penalties and would punish coaches more for violations. I see this as more for show than a way to control the sports they oversee. Since the dawn of time, people have always have been trying to circumvent rules and when a rule is created, another loophole or way to circumvent is found.

This also occurs with the NCAA rules, cheating will still occur, coaches will just get better at cheating. There is no penalty that the NCAA can enforce that can deter cheating with the exception of the so called “Death Penalty“. This would directly clean up the NCAA sports and reinstall confidence in college sports. No college want to see any of their money making sports cease as it would cut the revenue their athletic departments need.

The sad thing is, the NCAA will more than likely never enforce the Death Penalty for any revenue generating sport (Football and Men’s Basketball and to a lesser degree Women’s Basketball and Baseball) since this has a domino effect in today’s cash grab world of college sports. If the NCAA would have to cancel all the games of one school, that is a loss of money for the other schools the violating school would have played which causes a shortfall in their budget, lost TV revenue, and lost money for the NCAA.

That is why we will never see the Death Penalty, the NCAA would rather see a games played and ban the teams from the bowl games or tournaments, since there are extra teams to take the violating teams place, there is no loss of revenue across multiple channels, just for the violating school.

In this case, I don’t know what the answer is to solve the problem. The head of the house (NCAA) does not want to punish the kids (Colleges) too hard that they resent them since the kids are the future and take care of the head of the house with their money, but the head of the house does not want child protective services (Government, Congress) to step in and toss the house.

What to do, what to do?

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