NFL rating down, no surpise

The last couple of weeks I have seen stories in which the NFL ratings are down and they are getting worse.I guess I have a few thoughts on this and why the NFL is finally having issues.

  • With all the concussion talk, it was just a matter of time before people stopped watching
  • The product on the field is not as good as it use to be, when you have up’ed the flags for how you hit, how you block, how you line up on special teams you end up with cookie cutter games with no excitement or great team plays. Basically you have teams going out there and passing it for 60 minutes and nothing else.
  • The NFL policy in which each of their teams has to be on national television once every three years (I believe)
  • The NFL lost it unique brand when it put it money ahead of the people. When you have to have extra long commercial breaks, coaches that are required to wear NFL gear, NFL gear for everything, a restrictive social media policy, people can not relate to that and over time you will lose people.

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