Battlefield 1 Review

So I have been playing Battlefield 1 now for about 24 hours for both Campaign and Multiplayer. I thought I should get a couple quick initial thoughts out there about the game.

  • Campaign
    • The visuals on the cutscenes amazing and detailed
    • The layout of the five stories is good
    • My only issue is the length of Campaign is short in playtime terms
  • Multiplayer
    • The classic modes are still good (Rush, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Domintation)
    • The horses are more imortal than tanks…. If horsers were this durable, why did the army need tanks?
    • Flying the airship is awesome!
  • Misc
    • The UI is a bit clunky as the top level menu does not stay like on the website
    • It appears that there is no loadout option on the menu

Overall, this is a good game which I will continue to explore and probably curse when it is overrun by aimbots/hackers in two weeks

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