Let the 24/7 Football Continue…

With another season in the books for the NFL, this will lead tomorrow into the non-stop over-analysis for the 2014 season. What I expect starting tomorrow:

  • Power Ranking every team 1 to 32 for 2014 (if you watch ESPN, it will be in the exact same record finishing order for 2013)
  • Power Ranking Top 10 for every position including a special ranking for free agents
  • Top 10 ranking of every draft position
  • Breakdown of the strengths of each player including how one offensive linemen is better than another because his range of motion is 0.01% better. Each breakdown will finish with the comment that this guy is the best person and will play in NFL for many years for all 200+ picks
  • Breakdown of every Quarterback including how one QB is better than another because his arm slot is 3/8th of an inch higher than another.
  • Projected post draft power ranking
  • The projected teams that Tim Tebow will play for

This is the problem with the NFL today is that there is no “off season” on television, what makes it look like one season goes into another. I don’t feel like I miss football like Baseball, Hockey, Basketball.

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