TJMG: Traevon Jackson must go!

The reoccurring theme during this post will be about, after another loss this time to Ohio State, how Wisconsin point guard Traevon Jackson is the reason for the recent Wisconsin struggles on both ends of the floor.

In addition to his recent flub up on the final shot against Ohio State, the Wisconsin offense seems to go or no go based on the fact if Traevon Jackson is on the floor. Whenever Bronson Koenig, take over, the offense seems to take over. For example in the first half when Bronson came into the game, the Badgers, there was a six minute stretch where we were able to move the ball freely inside and outside, but for the final five minutes, when Jackson when back into the game, we went on one of our patiented loooooong field goal droughts that have plagued us the last two seasons.

This is due to Traevon Jackson inability to move the ball or run the offense. Traevon is unable to direct people to move the ball around and run a play. Traevon is only capable of doing a couple of unnecessary cross leg dribbles with a covered shot. This leads to many misses and lower shooting percentage from a position that should be solid. Along with today’s game, Traevon is shooting 27%…. 27%.

Treavon Jackson is not a point guard, per 40 minutes, Treavon averages 3 turnovers which by and far leads the team and something that should not be allowed out of your point guard. This is almost a full turnover more per 40 minutes that Jordon Taylor while playing less minutes than Taylor did. This is an area that should be improving but has not.

While most of this is on Treavon Jackson, a small part of this is on Bo Ryan for not noticing this issue and making the needed changes and allowing Bronson to play more minutes. Bo should know that Jackson was going to be incapable of running the final play.

It is time to send Traevon packing, if he wants to play the dribble through 3 defenders every play, then maybe he should transfer to UW-Superior where they like to do that kind of stuff… or maybe transfer to Ohio State, that way we might have a chance when he is cleared to play.

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