Instant Replay in MLB in here!

It took more that a decade, but it is finally here…. no it is not a new Star Wars movie. It is instant replay in baseball. It took longer than it should with the ARRP competition committee who moves at a snail’s pace. Finally baseball has taken the needed step to move into the modern era and address the concerns of incorrect calls that do occur from time to time on close plays. In the end instant reply will do what it is suppose to do, get it right.

One thing that amazes me in this whole saga is how for years upon years, the 30 Major League managers spoke out against instant replay, but the minute Selig announces this change in the rules, they all do a 180 and are all in favor of the system. At least I know that Selig does have control over something in baseball.

Hopefully this will now not become a drawn out process. There is much debate how to handle most situations. If MLB wants to make this simple on themselves, employe the system that little league uses today.

Whatever MLB decides to use, I just have to say, replay is here!

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