Brewers: I saw this coming

With another loss early in the in season to the Diamondbacks on Sunday, the Brewers fall to 1-5 on the season. While most baseball people would say that it is too early to panic, I say just say the opposite. Especially given the lack of high quality free agent moves the Brewers did this past off season, it is time to look at making some changes.

The reason that this season is off to such a season is Doug Melvin. This bad start is the fundamental problem I have with Brewers GM Doug Melvin, he sometimes does not do the hard work to find that value for a free agent in the off season like another GM’s would. Melvin employs a more wait and see philosophy. Melvin does not change the equation, he does not make the big off season move but instead we struggle in the same areas year after year.

If the Brewers are close in July, he pulls off a “Big Deal” and pillages the minor league system. We usually end up with some washed up pitchers (Cough.. Michael Gonzalez.. Cough Cough) who make their final playing destination Milwaukee.

Another problem with Melvin is the drafting that has occurred under his reign. Now I understand that is really took over a club that was underfunded and at the bottom of the barrel, but Attanasio has been in control of the club since 2005, so we have been able to put the club out of the basement and yet we do not see any major draftee’s from him in the major leagues with the exception of Yovani Gallardo and Ryan Braun. Most of the players that came up were the product of Dean Taylor or via data that remained during Melvin’s first year.

It is time to relook at the talent we are bringing up from the minor leagues, Kris Davis continues to struggle, Mark Rodgers is non-existent, Fries is getting wipe lash from all home runs he is giving up, Thronburg is having troubles (I think we brought him up too early). We rely on trades too much and wash up free agents, it time to not only look at the talent on the field, but who placed them there which means I would send Melvin packing!

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