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What is the fuss with the name of the new football playoff?

I guess when it comes right down to it, you can really can not please everybody. This statement is not more true when it came to the naming of the College Football Playoff. What is the big deal with the name of this new playoff? It is not fancy, it does not beat around the bush, it gets directly to the point.

Honestly, what did people really want to call it? The Battle of the Gridiron? The ineligible players playoff? Future probation teams tournament? When it comes right down to get, the people got what they wanted, a college football playoff and who cares what they call it.

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NFL Draft Four Days Away

Can you believe it, time for another NFL draft? And due to another no free agent signing year from Packers GM Ted Thompson, we once again rely on the lifeblood of the NFL draft to resupply the team and fix a defense that looked non-existent against the running of San Francisco.

You never really know what you are going to get with Thompson, sometimes he gets the it right (2005, 2010), sometimes he gets it wrong (2006). It is funny watching him explain why he takes some of the players he does. For example, in 2007 with the pick of Justin Harrell Thompson stated that he had to take the best player available regardless of position, but yet Brady Quinn was still available at the time (Granted that too would have also been a bad pick).

Who are we going to pick? Only Thompson knows.

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Bury F.C. leaves me with so many questions

To sort of change gears, I was reading a story from the other side of the pond recently that League 1’s Bury Football Club was over 1 million pounds in debt (That is $1,534,198) and was looking for external investment. I had known for many seasons and going into this season that Bury continued to struggle financially at Gigg Lane, but it just blows my mind how something like this could happen.

How does someone allow the situation to get that far out of control? How does someone not stop the club and make them pay up? How does someone in League 1 get that much credit? I’m thinking this is part of the “results now” society and when it does not turn out the way you planned it, someone is left in the wind.

I was under the impression that the recent UEFA FFP regulations that these types of situations would be reduced and clubs could not run up huge losses, but this shows that teams will do what they can to succeed, but in Bury’s case, your club just might cease to exist.

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Selig disappoints with suspensions again!

If I started to say… Did anybody see that thing that fight late last week? You know the one that started with two guys but then everybody joined?

Would you not assume that I was talking about some incident that occur outside some bar or tavern? Well you would be wrong, I’m talking about the fight that occurred on April 11th between the Dodgers and Padres in which Zack Greinke was left with a broken collarbone.

What does Carlos Quentin get out of the whole ordeal? A very unjustly 8 games. What does Matt Kemp get? Nothing! While I don’t think the suspension should be tied to when Greinke time on the DL, the suspension should have been longer and sent a clear message. As for Kemp, I guess you can go off on a ‘Roid rage jumping on top of people swinging wildly, start a second fight plus cause trouble in the parking lot and you get no discipline.

Once again MLB front office lets another set of players off the hook, Bud Selig is letting the kids run the school and the discipline is non-existent. This suspension will have done nothing to prevent future incidents like it from occurring in baseball. Selig has had numerous opportunities to address the issues of bench clearing brawls in baseball, but he sits idle like he can do nothing about the issue.

The thing is, Bud Selig can do something about it, he can make a statement that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in the game of baseball. He needs to enact rules that eject & suspend any players who joins the fight outside for the initial players that started fighting. Rules like these exist already today in Soccer, Basketball and Hockey.

People might say that fighting and bench clearing brawls have been apart of the game since the start of time, but does not really make it acceptable? Should we not be progressing the game into the future and modernizing the rules of the game? I think this is the reason that Selig has not changed the rules, he is still stuck in this 1960’s fantasy version of the game of baseball.

Bud Must Go! The game of baseball is counting on it, I know I have written about my disapproval of Selig before and this incident should further prove that Bud has no place anymore in baseball. It is time for change, time for new ideas, its time for a new commissioner.


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Time to relive Schroeder’s No-Hitter

Another April 15 has come around again on the calendar which means it is time for Brewers color commentator to relive when he pitched the Brewers only no hitter in franchise history. Pitched? No, I did not make a mistake, or at least I did not make a mistake in the eyes of Schroeder.

I know really that Juan Nieves pitch that day, but you would think the way Schroeder carries on about the game that he pitched and played the other 8 positions which the exception of that play in centerfield by Yount (he only acknowledges that due to the overwhelming video evidence of the diving play).

This year has presented a problem for Schroeder with no game on Monday for him to live in his own glory, relive his warped reality, make a bigger deal out of his meteoric playing career. The only thing I can see happening is him reliving the day twice, once today and second on Wednesday. Whatever the outcome, it will be a another year in the books for the Schroeder no hitter parade.

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S.O.S to Major League Baseball and Bud Selig

This post today is an S.O.S to MLB and Bud Selig to fix the slowly sinking ship called baseball…. If you have not seen it by now, there was a conversational play in the Tampa Bay/Texas game on Monday night in which Marty Foster called Ben Zobrist. In one of my previous posts here, I talked about how Bud Selig is out of touch with the fans and implementing new technology and this incident proves once again the need for instant replay in baseball.

We have a commissioner in baseball that cares more about some fantasy image of baseball as it was in the 1960’s than the progress of the game today. Selig thinks that people will plop down $50+ minimum including all costs to watch the games calls get botched. He would rather hear baseball get bashed in the media for 2 days with bad publicity and shave 2 minutes off the game now without instant replay than get the call right.

Would you go to a bank that does not use a computer system to keep track of the books? Would you go in there and open up an account if you saw someone working all day with a pencil and ledger paper? This is how Bud Selig has run baseball, like bank that is behind the times and has not caught up with the times, without modernization, there are bound to be big mistakes.

I’m really unsure what the big fear is about instant replay, you get the call right, you don’t have controversy and it takes some stress off the umpires. Personally, I would not be asking to replay every single play in the game, give each manager two replays a game which would only add 8 minutes maximum and everybody goes home happy.

Peoples livelihood’s are the on the line with each and every missed called. There are large amounts of money that gets moved with each and every play whether on the betting counters or on the playing field, someone gets affected by the wrong code. It is essential that baseball should take every realistic step to ensure that no call is blown.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, it is time for Bud Selig to step down as commissioner of MLB and find someone who will relate to what the fans are saying, relate to the younger generation and keep the integrity of the game. I know being the commissioner of MLB can not be an easy job and I would not want the job, but how much more will the fans endure before they stop showing up at the ballpark?

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Brewers: I saw this coming

With another loss early in the in season to the Diamondbacks on Sunday, the Brewers fall to 1-5 on the season. While most baseball people would say that it is too early to panic, I say just say the opposite. Especially given the lack of high quality free agent moves the Brewers did this past off season, it is time to look at making some changes.

The reason that this season is off to such a season is Doug Melvin. This bad start is the fundamental problem I have with Brewers GM Doug Melvin, he sometimes does not do the hard work to find that value for a free agent in the off season like another GM’s would. Melvin employs a more wait and see philosophy. Melvin does not change the equation, he does not make the big off season move but instead we struggle in the same areas year after year.

If the Brewers are close in July, he pulls off a “Big Deal” and pillages the minor league system. We usually end up with some washed up pitchers (Cough.. Michael Gonzalez.. Cough Cough) who make their final playing destination Milwaukee.

Another problem with Melvin is the drafting that has occurred under his reign. Now I understand that is really took over a club that was underfunded and at the bottom of the barrel, but Attanasio has been in control of the club since 2005, so we have been able to put the club out of the basement and yet we do not see any major draftee’s from him in the major leagues with the exception of Yovani Gallardo and Ryan Braun. Most of the players that came up were the product of Dean Taylor or via data that remained during Melvin’s first year.

It is time to relook at the talent we are bringing up from the minor leagues, Kris Davis continues to struggle, Mark Rodgers is non-existent, Fries is getting wipe lash from all home runs he is giving up, Thronburg is having troubles (I think we brought him up too early). We rely on trades too much and wash up free agents, it time to not only look at the talent on the field, but who placed them there which means I would send Melvin packing!

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