Super Bowl Ads Review

Another Super Bowl in the books and another year of Super Bowl commercials. In my opinion, this year marked a steep decline the quality and product marketing. This year proves that the era of the funny entertainment commercials are at an end or should be coming to an end. The purpose of the commercial is to advertise the company or product, Super Bowl ads today do neither. Nothing else today exists where you flush $4 Million in 30 seconds on useless dribble.

It is time to rethink the Super Bowl commercial, what product do you want to feature, how do you want to display your company and why do you want customers to use your company or product instead of the competitor. That is how the money is well spent.

While there was so many commercials to talk about, I would like to focus on three in particular.

  1. Dodge Farmer – While some websites have hailed this commercial as one of the better ones this year, I’d disagree. While the production quality was top notch and the idea was a good one, this commercial missing one key element… Product. What product are they featuring? Nothing against farmers, but why should I buy Dodge over Ford or Chevy.
  2. Oreo Whisper Fight – What happens when you put together a commercial that puts me in touch with my inner cognitive dissonance of what can really happen in real life? Money down the drain!
  3. Axe Apollo Lifeguard – So let me get this right… Lifeguard beats up a shark and woman goes for person in astronaut without explaining your product.

Now I do understand humor and sarcasm but are these companies getting what they paid for? Are people going out and paying for the products or services they sell? Now is the time for companies to change their marketing tactics and get what they put into their efforts.

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