My Predictions Wrap-up

Super Bowl XLVII is finally over with the Baltimore Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 34-31. With that being said another NFL season is in the books. In one of my previous posts, I predicted some things for the game, lets see how I did…

  1. Manti Te’o will be seen at the game with his girlfriend Incorrect!
  2. Tebow will be mentioned at least once. Incorrect!
  3. Phil Simms will say Lawrence Taylor’s name at least twice Incorrect!
  4. Total number of times the Harbaugh family will be shown by CBS: 8 Incorrect! Only showed them 1 time.
  5. A head coach with the last name of Harbaugh will win the Super Bowl Correct!

My serious predictions…

  1. Number of commercials during the first quarter including the end of quarter commercial: 5 Correct!
  2. Rushing yards by Colin Kaepernick: 80 Incorrect! Only 62 Yards
  3. Halftime Score: San Francisco 17; Baltimore 10 Wrong! Baltimore 21; San Francisco 6
  4. Missed FG’s by Akers: 1 Incorrect! Did not miss a FG (Thanks to some luck)
  5. Final Score: San Francisco 31; Baltimore 20 Incorrect! Baltimore 34; San Francisco 31

Some final thoughts on the Super Bowl XLVII:

  • I was very shocked to find out that the second quarter interception of Kaepernick was the first pick in any San Francisco Super Bowl appearance
  • Bold move by John Harbaugh with the fake Field Goal. He put his trust in the defense and it paid off in the end.
  • Flacco looked very good in the first half going 13 for 20 with 3 passing TD’s, Flacco was able to throw the ball downfield (With a little bit of luck)
  • Based on the halftime show from Beyoncé this year and the way everybody was dressed, I clearly see everybody has gotten over the Janet Jackson fiasco from Super Bowl XXXVIII, not that I minded 🙂 .
  • What a kickoff return by Jacoby Jones to start the second half!
  • Power Outage during the biggest game of the year. I’m guessing the conspiracy theorists will say a convenience store group pulled the power so people would go out and buy more snack/beer.
  • Good comeback for the 49ers in the third quarter into the fourth, but it was not enough.

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