Super Bowl Predictions

The teams are now set and two weeks from now the Baltimore Ravens will battle San Francisco 49’ers in the Big Easy also know as the Harbaugh Bowl. With that being said I have a few predictions for the game from the coin toss to the final play of the game

  1. Manti Te’o will be seen at the game with his girlfriend
  2. Tebow will be mentioned at least once.
  3. Phil Simms will say Lawrence Taylor’s name at least twice
  4. Total number of times the Harbaugh family will be shown by CBS: 8
  5. A head coach with the last name of Harbaugh will win the Super Bowl

Now for my serious predictions…

  1. Number of commercials during the first quarter including the end of quarter commercial: 5
  2. Rushing yards by Colin Kaepernick: 80
  3. Halftime Score: San Francisco 17; Baltimore 10
  4. Missed FG’s by Akers: 1
  5. Final Score: San Francisco 31; Baltimore 20


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