Notre Dame over rated again

This was suppose to be the Fighting Irish’s year in which the program was suppose to be enlighten and back on track to their national power status. But Monday night against Alabama, the Irish proved why they everybody’s team to overrate, advance up the polls too quickly and end up in another bowl game they did not deserve.

This false reading of the ability of the Irish was all created 80 years ago with another brief period of success during the 90’s. Everybody now a days likes to bet on the Irish and when that happens, they rise in the polls too quickly and get invited to bowl games they do not deserve.

The Irish just scraped by in games against Purdue (Finished 6-7), Michigan State (7-6), Michigan (8-5), BYU (8-5), Pittsburgh (6-7), Boston College (2-10), but continued to rise up through the polls despite these close wins. When you have voters in which they are set on a team, they will advance them up no matter what as long as they win. The polls are suppose to be a gauge of the best team, but the Irish should have really fell after that Pittsburgh game.

That this the problem with the polls today in college football, they are just a large “King of the Mountain” game. Win and you keep rising (Or at least stay the same) or lose and fall. This is how a team like Norte Dame can advance up the polls unchecked and when you play a real good team in Alabama, you get nailed.

I’m against BCS, but human element needs to be reduced in the computer figuring out who should be playing in the national title game. Computers do not have a king of the mountain concept, computers do not play favorites as long as they are programmed correctly. This issue should be reduced when the four team playoff starts in a couple of years and this issue should be almost eliminated when we eventually get to a 16 team playoff in about 15-20 years.

The sad thing is, nobody learned from this game, the Irish will come into next season highly ranked playing a meteoric schedule and will the center of everybody’s heart’s. I don’t know what it will take, but lets hope something happens soon so that the deserving teams play in the games they should be playing.

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