Milwaukee Bucks: Another losing season ahead and Skiles is gone

Another year of hearing the excuses from players, another year of hearing statements from  Scott Skiles how the team is trying. That all changed Tuesday with the “Mutual” parting of ways with the Bucks. Personally I was never a fan of Skiles before he even coached his first Bucks game with too many question marks.

The team has not been consistently winning along with an underfunded roster, aging arena in a odd location. With the elections over which replaced Herb Kohl, it will be interesting if he sells the team since there will be less oversight to completing a transaction.

The losing is also caused by the poor draft choices in recent years including:

  •  Jimmer Fredette, who we trade right away to get for a bunch of players including Stephen “I don’t want to play for Milwaukee” Jackson
  •  Larry Sanders who has not fully developed
  • Joe Alexander who never developed who was apart of the John Salmons trade
  • Yi Jianlian who stated he did not want to go to a city like Milwaukee, but lets just draft him anyway. Then lets trade him to New Jersey for Richard Jefferson, who also did not want to play for Milwaukee.
  • David Noel…. Who? Exactly!
  • Andrew Bogut, when he was on he was on, and an above average player. Unfortunately Bogut’s primary starting position was “Bench – Injury”
  • T.J Ford, I can remember watching this guy in college, and I can remember my reaction when we drafted with guy…. “Nooooooooooooooooo!”. It was like watching two cars driving towards each other and you knew they were going to hit each other. But the occupants are totally clueless that something bad is about to happen.
  •  Marcus Haislip, 89 games in 4 years, says it all, another non-developed pick

Until the chain of issues is broken like during the late 90’s – earlier 2000’s. This streak of losing will continue. I personally do not want to the see the Bucks leave town, nobody does. The economic impact another would be a blow to the Milwaukee area. But if we continue to lose and Kohl does sell the team, we might not ever see NBA basketball back in Milwaukee. 

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