Other Blogs I read

I thought I would take today’s entry and talk about some of the blogs or forums that I like to read/watch. Now a lot of them are Wisconsin-centric, but if your from Wisconsin they should be.

  • Rattler Radio (http://rattlerradio.mlblogs.com). This blog is one of my personal favorites to read. This blog is maintained by Chris Mehring who is a great radio announcer for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Class A of the Milwaukee Brewers). This blog is just not about a current promotion of the team or a recent event. This blog is everything about the Timber Rattlers past, present and future. Chris provides good commentary about the team each day during the season including spring training and in the off season providing a look back from the previous years in baseball in Appleton. I hope to be writing some posts about Chris and the Timber Rattlers next season
  • BrewerFan.net (http://forum.brewerfan.net/). This blog provides a great place to find out all Brewer information from the Brewers and the minor league teams. This forum does not “doll” up the information. Some of the information on the rest of the site can be outdated, but the forum is kept pretty much up to date and is a good read.
  • Ben’s Biz Blog (http://bensbiz.mlblogs.com). In this blog, this guy goes traveling around to other minor league stadiums. I like this blog since this person not only writes about his experiences at the game, but the journey to get to the game. The places he stopped at while traveling, sites he saw, the places he ate along with the operations of the minor league club. This blog is the complete minor league journey in one spot.
  • NFC North Blog (http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcnorth). If you are working for ESPN, you should be good, but that is not the point with this blog. Kevin Seifert does a good job covering all that is the NFC North. He provides good content about the games going on Sunday along with reporting during the week.
  • Close Call Sports (Formally Umpire Ejection League, http://www.closecallsports.com/). I started following this site when they use to only cover MLB umpire ejections, but has expanded to other sports including technical fouls in the NBA. They provide a good in site for each MLB ejection and takes a closer look in season at the MLB rules.

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