Finley, Shut Up!

It is said “Least said soonest mended”. Apparently that phase lost on Packers Tight End Jermichael Finley when he stated that the Bears were better off without “Slow Urlacher”. This statement continue a long list of statements that make you want to clamp Finley’s mouth shut. When he keeps his mouth shut or is injured, the Packers are successful, when he is yapping, the Packers seem to struggle amidst the additional attention he draw. On top of that, it seems that he has trouble grasping the concept of catching the ball after he has opened his mouth.

The sad thing is, this guy has the talent, but he tries to run before he can walk. He has a Sterling Sharpe complex, he wants the ball, he wants the attention, but he can not deliver the consistence performance required out of a superstar. To matters worse, he rips or comments on everybody from his own teammates to players on other teams. In the NFL today, teams are usually already all fired up, Finley just likes giving them additional motivation.

Finley does not get it, follow the flow and everybody wins. When Finley was injured a couple of years ago and was out for the rest of the season, what happened…. We won the Super Bowl. When the grand champion of getting attention, Sterling Sharpe got injured in Week 17 in 1994 what happened…. We won the Super Bowl two years later. Keeping the distractions down along with getting on a hot streak near the end of the season generally leads to success in the NFL playoffs.

If Finley wants to help the team he needs to catch the ball and keep the big ole yapper shut!

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