New kickoff rules and the insane

The other day the media was reporting on some of new proposals to make the NFL safer for the players in the game. The only thought that ran through my head was if there was gas leak in the NFL office’s.

The two ideas being talked about are eliminating kickoff or the wild 4th and 15 idea. I have similar opinions on the two options that were proposed…. They both suck.

These ideas are not about the so called “player safety” , but more about Roger Goodell trying to prevent another uprising in 30 years when former NFL players playing today would Sue since they can not remember why they are standing the bathroom. Players then and players then should have known inherently that bashing into each other has its side effects. Injuries are a part of the game and especially in light of the recent head injury developments, there should be no ignorance by players that what they do now will affect them later in life.

I also believe that Goodell is thinking long term when making these tougher “player safety” rules. If he can reduce the number of head injuries, then reduces the healthcare costs for NFL players after they have retired, therefore helping the NFL’s bottom line in the long term future. I have no proof of this, but the whole basis of the recent legal action is about head injuries.

Another angle I have thought about was that few to no star players ever play on special teams, especially on kickoffs, that eliminating kickoff also allows the elimination of players that generally only played special teams. This could reduce the additional costs that come with players that only play about 5 to 6 times a game. This increasing the revenue of each team is something I’m sure the NFL owners would not mind.

The game has become too technical, too many rules, to much for officials to process. The spirit of the game is lost, and if any of these new proposals go through in their current form or in a similar form, the game could decline, the excitement could diminish, fans might turn something else that peaks their interest and the NFL could lose the popularity they work so hard to achieve.

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