Conference Realignment: Make it Stop!!!

Any year and another swath of colleges changing conferences which causes other teams to move to fill the vacated teams. Rutgers and Maryland to the Big Ten. Louisville to the ACC, Syracuse to the ACC and…… it goes on and on forever with the list of schools changing conferences more than stock prices.

At what point will this end? Maybe never. At this point I see this occurring years after year until someone steps in and suspends all changes for a set amount of time. When? Maybe when we have the PAC-24 (PAC-12 today), Big 32 (Big 10 today), Big Coast East of the Mississippi (A combination of the Big East and ACC today), MCC: Mid Country Conference (MAC today) someone will step in and stop all changes.

Personally, I’m not surprised that Conference leaders have not tried to bring in schools from FCS(Division 1-AA) for Football up to the conferences that are short handed, plus attempt to bring schools from Division 2 to fill the void. If that were to occur, then Division 3 school would have to fill the void of Division 2 schools and Division 3 would cease to exist. With this logic, in about 75 years the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point(Currently a Division 3 school) would be playing USC in Football since all colleges would all be Division 1 schools.

It is time for someone to stand up and stay “No More!” to all these changes and allow the dust to settle and the games be played.

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