Parra Finally Gone

On Friday, the Brewers decided not to tender an offer for pitcher Manny Parra. With that, that should end the career with the team he showed so much promise. He threw a perfect game while in Nashville back in 2007, but that appears to have been the beginning of the end of this left handed pitchers time in Milwaukee.

Parra never had “The Pitch” needed to get out of situations which resulted in walk after walk, hit after hit, home run after home run. Melvin likes to fall in love with certain players, thinking that with additional time he will be vindicated, but it seems like that rarely works.

I’m glad that we got rid of Parra, he was not going to get any better with the Brewers and was just going to be a target for the fans taunts and boo’s.

I hope Melvin goes out and fines a quality left handed pitcher and not another teams leftovers that could not cut the mustard.

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