Bret losses again, no surpises here

As we all know, Bielema once again lost on Saturday, this time to Penn State. Once again the offense slowed down to the grinding halt putting pressure on a defense that does not deserve this kind offensive game play.  I’m not personally shocked we did not win. I bet I can even predict what the talk in the half time locker room was like:

Matt Canada:  “We got them right we want them, lets just keep running. 1st down, Run; 2nd down, Run; 3rd and 8, Run”

Bret Bielema: “Ugggggggggg….. Sounds good, I trust you and your great play calling, I don’t see Penn State making any adjustments in the 2nd half….. Uggggggggg…. Now can I get a burrito?”

Maybe a little exaggerated, but I’m sure I’m close the way the Badgers played in the second half. Sure we might have tied it up at the end of the 4th quarter, but the game should not have came down to overtime. Bielema does not realize that the other team make adjustments, and when the other team is of equal or greater talent, that could mean they could come back and win. Canada play calling does not make sense, he does not surprise the other team with the calls. In the second half of the Ohio State and Penn State games, the massive numbers of shifting players do not even fool the other team, the defense were just standing there since they knew it was just for show.

As I have said time and time again, FIRE BIELEMA before we are at the bottom and we are battling Indiana in close games. This will be a interesting Big Ten Championship game, if we are lucky we might keep it to a two score game at the end. From what I can tell, this will be the last Big Ten Championship game for Bielema for a long time as  Ohio State will be coming off their NCAA bans and there will be nothing between them until Penn State completes there bans unless Bielema is fired and the program is resurrected.

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