Bielema just does not get it

Another game against a good opponent for the Badgers and another loss. I’m not surprised anymore that Bret continues to sink the Badgers slowly to the bottom of the Big Ten. His poor choices continues to bring the Badger football program to ruin.

In spite of Bret’s usual poor pregame preparations for Ohio State, the Badgers were able to drive the ball down the field in the final two minutes, even after some poor play calls, and score the game tying touchdown. But in spite of getting to overtime, our poor play calling comes back to plague us again especially with the run call on third down. Then on fourth down everybody except Bielema seemed to know that Ohio State was going to blitz, but do we account for that? Do we roll the QB out of the pocket? Nope and that is why Ohio State wins big games year after year, and all we get is goofy looks from Bielema.

Bielema does not know how to win the “Big Game” when the game is close and his choice will decide the outcome. The only way he has won up to this point if something usual occurs to tilt the advantage to Wisconsin (Running into the kicker for example) and not by a choice Bret has made.

Some of his poor choices were actually done a long time ago which are hurting them today. As noted in previous post, recruiting seems to a difficult thing for Bielema. This statement is no more true than at the WR position. All season, game after game, announcer after announcer kept saying that the receiver position was led by Abbrederis but we were waiting for someone to step up for next season. But game after game nobody has come to the front to step up for next season and nobody on the current team seems ready to step up to the top receiver position.

Who even wants to come to Wisconsin to play Wide Receiver for Bielema? Nobody, That is because he does not know how to properly use them, because he can not make a choice, because he does not get it. When you run the ball as much as he does, why would you want to play for Wisconsin? All you do play after play is block DB’s or do 20 yard sprints with no hope of seeing the ball.

You would think in 7 years as the Badgers head coach, Bielema would have figured out how to win the “Big Game” in close situations, but to no avail. He is only 2-4 in bowl games by winning one with Alvarez’s players and the other against a Miami team on the downfall. As I have mentioned before, I think it is time for Barry Alvarez to save the football program and remove Bielema has head coach. This would be a difficult choice for Alvarez since this hire was his choice and this would not reflect well on his decision making ability since there was not even a interview process for his replacement, but this is something that would need to be done to save the Football program as a whole.

If changes are not made soon, we will be at bottom of the Big Ten battling Indiana for the bottom position of the Legends division in front of a half full Camp Randell.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this from Bielema week after week, year after year, close game loss after close game loss. More importantly, how much longer will the fans and boosters take this before change is demanded.

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