Tony Siragusa: Ohhhh my ears

I know this topic has most likely been written about many times before, but I figure it is now my turn to write about how bad Tony Siragusa is a sideline reporter for Fox.

While he was a good player, someone thought it was a good idea to give this guy a microphone and let him walk around the field letting us know stuff we already know or mindless dribble. The sad part is he does not do the things that normal sideline reports should be doing, get injury reports, sideline vibe and things not seen by the camera.

How to fix the issues? There is only one solution… Replace him. Usually I do not like to be this rash, but you are asking for trouble by keeping him on. Firing websites appear, blog posts are created, letters are written and when all else fails, people stop watching. The best example of this was with Sunday Night Baseball and Joe Morgan.

FOX, save yourself the trouble, help save my ears, stop the pain and let Tony go.

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