Facebook: A Game of Chess

I was thinking while on Facebook… How did it come to this? I sit here thinking what to post, who might see it, how it may be used, will the bishop take the knight and should I move my King… Oh wait I kind of drifted off there…. When I first signed I did not have to think. It was not this game of chess with every thought, picture and post. Now every post is checked and can be exploited if the wrong person sees or shares what you have wrote.

Facebook is a victim of its own success as everybody from friends to employers to information seekers use it as a one stop shop for get information against people who have something to lose. Now people that have past their college years now have to watch what they write or pay the ultimate penalties in life of losing their job, livelihood, family, ect.

Before Facebook, if you spoke something questionable, you could always say “You didn’t hear me correctly” and life moves on. Now, with the way information moves so quickly, there is little to no time to retract a regrettable comment and since the comment gets stored away in the world of the internet, there is more risk than ever to no say anything. Nothing I have ever said has not hurt me if I have never said it.

So what did I post… Nothing

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