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Mike Eaves and the no change offense

Today I would like to talk about another sore spot with Badgers athletics… The men’s hockey program in particular Mike Eaves who was hired back in 2002. Now I understand that this guy who a National Championship back in 2005, but these were with players that were recruited or who could have had previous contact with Jeff Sauer.

This years struggles is of no surprise to me as Eaves has not changed the offensive scheme since being hired as the Badgers head coach. No team is surprised by the style the Badgers play and it has become easier and easier to beat the Badgers. We are not longer competitive against North Dakota, Colorado College, or Denver, we can’t even beat Northern Michigan.

The power play strategy is laughable and makes you want to change the channel. In any given power play, you can expect a minute thirty of the two minutes spent trying to move the puck into the offensive zone by dumping the puck along the board only to have the penalty killing team just flip the puck back out. We only get one, maybe two chances to score and it has to change. Based on how the rest of the offense works, I call this the “Mike Eaves and the no change offense” for the past couple of years.

Now I understand that coaches can not win all the time, but if the other team knows how you will play them, you can never win. If Eaves can not change it up and start winning he will join Bielema on my coaches to go list.

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NCAA to step up on violations, Ya Right

There is once news story that occurred back in October that I want to circle back to. The NCAA announced they were increasing the penalties and would punish coaches more for violations. I see this as more for show than a way to control the sports they oversee. Since the dawn of time, people have always have been trying to circumvent rules and when a rule is created, another loophole or way to circumvent is found.

This also occurs with the NCAA rules, cheating will still occur, coaches will just get better at cheating. There is no penalty that the NCAA can enforce that can deter cheating with the exception of the so called “Death Penalty“. This would directly clean up the NCAA sports and reinstall confidence in college sports. No college want to see any of their money making sports cease as it would cut the revenue their athletic departments need.

The sad thing is, the NCAA will more than likely never enforce the Death Penalty for any revenue generating sport (Football and Men’s Basketball and to a lesser degree Women’s Basketball and Baseball) since this has a domino effect in today’s cash grab world of college sports. If the NCAA would have to cancel all the games of one school, that is a loss of money for the other schools the violating school would have played which causes a shortfall in their budget, lost TV revenue, and lost money for the NCAA.

That is why we will never see the Death Penalty, the NCAA would rather see a games played and ban the teams from the bowl games or tournaments, since there are extra teams to take the violating teams place, there is no loss of revenue across multiple channels, just for the violating school.

In this case, I don’t know what the answer is to solve the problem. The head of the house (NCAA) does not want to punish the kids (Colleges) too hard that they resent them since the kids are the future and take care of the head of the house with their money, but the head of the house does not want child protective services (Government, Congress) to step in and toss the house.

What to do, what to do?

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MLB rule changes

As I was scrolling through the internet, I found a good article on Sport Illustrated from Tom Verducci. The article is here.

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NFL: Stuck in the Technicality’s

As has been reported many times before and by this time I’m sure everybody is sick of hearing about, there was an interesting play during the Texans-Lions game on Thursday which has everybody up in arms. The Lions head coach throwing the challenge flag when nullified the review that was sure to come from the replay both.

I wish I would have started this blog before this season, because we saw this exact same thing occur during a Packers preseason game in which McCarthy attempted to challenge a turnover and was penalized 15 yards and the play was not reviewed. This should have been a major wake up call to the NFL that this needs to be addressed before a real game was affected, like on Thursday. Then again, the NFL was not thinking when using replacement officials so why would they use logic in this case?

The sad thing is, there is nothing the NFL will do about this until the season has completed because they say it is too difficult to implement a rule change mid-season. This is not a hard change, let coaches challenge in the final 2 minutes + OT, turnovers and touchdowns in addition to the replay offical being able to stop the game.

In reality, we are slowly progressing towards a college like replay system in which the replay offical can review all plays. So I say, lets just end the insanity and next season move to a college replay system.

We are so stuck in the detail of the rules, we forgot the reason replay was brought back…. To get the call RIGHT. Instead replay is creating more issues rather than preventing them,

My prediction for the next big gaff in the replay system? Field Goal over the upright. Since reply can only be used to determine if the ball crossed over the crossbar on Field Goal, we will have a kick that is called good (or no good) and the officials will call the opposite.

We have not heard the end of issues with the rules around replay. So until next time…..

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Bret losses again, no surpises here

As we all know, Bielema once again lost on Saturday, this time to Penn State. Once again the offense slowed down to the grinding halt putting pressure on a defense that does not deserve this kind offensive game play.  I’m not personally shocked we did not win. I bet I can even predict what the talk in the half time locker room was like:

Matt Canada:  “We got them right we want them, lets just keep running. 1st down, Run; 2nd down, Run; 3rd and 8, Run”

Bret Bielema: “Ugggggggggg….. Sounds good, I trust you and your great play calling, I don’t see Penn State making any adjustments in the 2nd half….. Uggggggggg…. Now can I get a burrito?”

Maybe a little exaggerated, but I’m sure I’m close the way the Badgers played in the second half. Sure we might have tied it up at the end of the 4th quarter, but the game should not have came down to overtime. Bielema does not realize that the other team make adjustments, and when the other team is of equal or greater talent, that could mean they could come back and win. Canada play calling does not make sense, he does not surprise the other team with the calls. In the second half of the Ohio State and Penn State games, the massive numbers of shifting players do not even fool the other team, the defense were just standing there since they knew it was just for show.

As I have said time and time again, FIRE BIELEMA before we are at the bottom and we are battling Indiana in close games. This will be a interesting Big Ten Championship game, if we are lucky we might keep it to a two score game at the end. From what I can tell, this will be the last Big Ten Championship game for Bielema for a long time as  Ohio State will be coming off their NCAA bans and there will be nothing between them until Penn State completes there bans unless Bielema is fired and the program is resurrected.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day… And what am I having today? Swiss Steak… Go Figure

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Bucks in First

Saturday, the Bucks won, which brought their record up to 6-2. I never thought that this season would have started this way. I know there is a long way to go, but 6-2 and in first place.

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